How I make money from home

how I make money from home

What you may be surprised at is that I make a percentage of my income from sales. I have to admit I never thought I would become involved in sales. In reality we are all involved in sales. Every time we recommend a movie we’ve seen or a restaurant we liked, we are selling! Lets face it, if you really like something you’re happy to tell people about it.

I share my story on social media so it doesn’t even feel like selling. Did you know the average time people spend on social media is 4 hours each day, so we may as well get paid for it.

The cool thing is that you can do this too.

What I have learned doesn’t take a gazillion social media followers or any fancy skills. My team has a system that you can use TODAY to turn your social media profile into cash.


You can join my team to learn this system.

This is not blogging.

This is so much EASIER & QUICKER than blogging!

I’m not kidding when I say that there are people using this system that have made $20, $50, $80 even $200 on their first day.


What could you do with an extra $40 today?

An extra $100 this week?

An extra $250 this month?

The sky is really the limit.  Whether an extra hundred would make a difference or an extra thousand could make your life less stressful, this is something you can try without risk.

If it is a good fit for you…you keep making money.

If you decide it isn’t for you, then no worries!  Hopefully the extra money in your pocket is helpful.


The system is very simple:

  1. You will choose a picture to share on your social media profile from our library of proven images.
  2. You will describe that image with your words based on our tested recommendations.
  3. You will follow up with the people who respond.

That seems too easy!

I know!  That is why I am encouraging you to give it a try!



One of our top selling products is actually whitening toothpaste that REALLY works.

I know because I saw results in just 4 days…

It is peroxide & sugar FREE.

Because it doesn’t have any harsh bleaching agents, this is appropriate for everyone – even people wearing braces.

It is literally a product that works for almost everyone.

It’s something that people need regularly (One tube lasts about 45 days with normal usage).

When you have friends, relatives or customers that are interested in doing what you are doing, we will show you how to sign them up under YOU and use our resources to get them successful quickly too.

It’s also an amazing fundraiser opportunity that is so much more lucrative than bars of chocolate for any organisation that you might be involved in.


Yes and no

We will start you with the system for the whitening toothpaste.

Once you are really comfortable with that, you can choose to include some of the other incredibly successful products.


There is no catch!

There is no inventory you have to hold.

You will have my support, be a part of my group, have my phone number!



Just fill out this form on the Nu Skin website  (Nu Skin is the company I have partnered with for this opportunity).

This link takes you to the New Zealand site. Nu Skin is open for business in 54 countries. If you are not from New Zealand then email me for the link to your country.

Once I get notification that you joined, I will invite you into our private Facebook group where you will get the steps you need to start today.

Once you sign up, please email me:

FAQ’s About the Nu Skin Sign Up Page

  1. Does this cost money? No, FREE to join!  Being a distributor in Nu Skin is completely free.  I know, hard to believe, but true.
  2. Am I obligated to do anything? NO!  You choose to build a business.
  3. Should I sign up as an individual or business entity? Sign up as an INDIVIDUAL DISTRIBUTOR ACCOUNT unless you already have a business entity like a Limited Liability Company or partnership that you want to use.
  4. What is the Sponsoring Distributor ID? To be a part of my team, it needs to be NZW9866301.  You can leave the “referring upline ID” blank.
  5. Do I need a co-applicant? NO!  Just leave that blank.
  6. Why are the Distributor Agreement and Policies and Procedures so long? They were written by lawyers!  Basically it says that you are an independent contractor and agree to follow the rules and neither party is obligated to do anything if it ends up to not be a good fit.
  7. Do I have to set up direct deposit right now? NO!  You can add that later.  This is so you get paid your bonus!

The login you created with this account can be accessed at any time at

To get started, fill this out now.

Again, I can’t emphasise enough how excited I am for this.  It is truly a unique opportunity that I hope you will consider if you want to make money from your phone.