Skin care – teach your children well

It’s a new phase of parenting when you start to teach your teenage children how to take care of their skin and deal with the dreaded teenage spots.  How teenagers look as they are going through the awkward stage of puberty and beyond effects their confidence and self esteem. As we all know, if we look good we feel good.  I know I went through a stage of bad adult acne , due to hormonal changes and wished I could just cover my whole face up.  Teenagers are no different they become very self conscious. So what can we do to help them?

Firstly teach them a regime of cleanse, tone and treatment.  They will need help choosing these products, or if they’re lucky you’ll buy them for them!

Secondly, teach them to use a mask and exfoliant. It will seem very strange for them at first, but once they see results they will be hooked.

These are the products I recommend for teenage (and adult) acne:

ultimate anti-acne regime

To purchase follow these links:

Clear Action System

Glacial Marine Mud

Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher

Blemish Treatment

All of these links lead to New Zealand pricing. If you require pricing for any other country, contact me:


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